About Us

Who are we and why do we do this?

More About Us

Why us?

We love what we do and we have passion and enthusiasm for doing it. We see cyber security and information governance as integral business functions, something that helps you grow your business and increase the trust your clients have in you.

We are driven by a desire to see our clients thrive and evolve, bringing our passion and sense of fun with us.

We have over 13 years’ experience in this sector and have worked in both private and public health care, the financial sector and with charities.

We work with people to make businesses better and have fun doing it.

How do we work?

Our approach is based on our values. We use a number of established tools, yet apply them in a people centred way. This ensures that that business change is embedded effectively and that your business reaps the benefits of our input.

We believe that information security isn’t something that can simply be done to you, it’s something we want to work with you on, using your knowledge of your business and our experience of information security and governance, to make your business better.

What do we do?

We can support in all areas across cyber security and information governance, from thought leadership, understanding your assets and risks, mapping your data flows and selecting appropriate controls.

If it’s about information and its security, we are able to help you.

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